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Our company was founded in 1987, it developed from a pure equipment manufacturer to a high-tech enterprises includes research&development, manufacturing, marketing, service and e-commerce. To supply better service for customer needs, The Nile Machinery Co.,Ltd is founded. Headquartered is in HongKong. Our group is composed of highly dedicated employee from around the world, ensuring the success of customers and close cooperation. We are committed to mining, new energy and other areas to provide customers with world-class products and services. "Customers Trust, Preferred Supplier" is the persistent pursuit of Nile people. The Nile employees own excellent professional knowledge and dedication. In order to fully understand customers needs around the world, we to work near the customers site. This makes the Nile people to have unique channel insights to create effective solutions. The strength of the company, we invest 4.5 million square production areas, develop 130 countries markets, with a comprehensive technical and staffing services, and establish a close cooperative relationship with several well-known shipping companies and airlines. With professional, personalized, all-weather, all-round service, we look forward to wholehearted cooperation the all over the world, for a better future!

The Nile Machinery Co.,Ltd has three factories, the gross area is about 2.3 million square meters. Various world-class CNC are in these factories, such as CNC VTL OPERATOR, Planing Machine, CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe. These advanced equipments ensure that our products are of precise specification. Also, we have professional Quality inspection division, every machines produced must be examined strictly, the quality is guaranteed.

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