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2-Roll Crusher

Capacity(t/h) : 20-220
Input size(mm) : 15-150
Features of the product (a simple structure of equipment and little too much crushed phenomena)

The profile of the tooth and the dimensional arrangement on the roller surface of the twin roll crusher can be changed to suit the nature of the material. Intermediate and fine grinding can be performed on medium and soft ore. For example, in a sulfuric acid plant, sulfuric iron ore is usually crushed for the first time by a jaw crusher, so that the diameter is 20 ~ 30 mm, and then a two-roll crusher for secondary crushing is introduced to make the ore diameter 5 mm or less and meet the requirements of a boiling furnace.

2-roll crusher is suitable for rough and intermediate crushing of brittle materials in such industries as cement, chemical industry, electric power, mine, building materials and metallurgy. The grain size of the input material is large, the particle size of the output product can be controlled, and it is possible to effectively destroy the material whose compressive strength is less than 160 MPa
large crushing ratio

Excessive crusher rate is low, good particle shape.

simple structure and easy repair

standardization of the structure
Technical Data
Model Feeding size Discharging size Capacity Motor power weight
(мм) (мм) (t/h)  (kw) (т)
2PGC450×500 300 15-75 20-45 7.5×2 4.2
2PGC600×750 400 15-125 30-80 18.5×2 7.8
2PGC600×900 400 15-125 40-100 18.5×2 8.4
2PGC600×1200 400 15-125 50-120 22×2 11.2
2PGC800×1000 400 20-150 80-180 22×2 12.6
2PGC800×1200 400 20-150 100-220 30×2 15.2
2PGC900×900 500 30-150 80-180 30×2 14.5

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