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The Nile Machinery was invited to participate in the China-Zambia Economic and Trade Forum

In order to promote China-Zambia economic, trade and investment cooperation, the Chinese Embassy in Zambia and the Zambian government jointly held the "2022 China-Zambia Economic, Trade and Investment Forum" on the afternoon of September 28. Henan Nile Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this economic and trade forum meeting.

The theme of The China-Zambia Economic, Trade and Investment Forum is "China-Zambia Economic and Trade Investment in the New Era: All-weather, All-round, High-quality". More than 300 Chinese and Zambian enterprises attended the conference offline, and 90 Chinese companies participated online.

The Nile Machinery is a comprehensive engineering general contracting service enterprise with mining machinery production and processing, investment and product trade as its main business. Since its establishment, Nile Group has successively undertaken gold mine, chrome mine, sand making project in Sudan, gold mine project in Mauritania, gold mine and copper mine project in Zambia, etc., and set up overseas warehouses in the above countries.

The Nile Machinery is an important force in China-Zambia and even China-Africa economic exchanges.

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